Franklin Theatre 5th Anniversary Celebration

The Franklin Theatre celebrated their fifth anniversary of reopening with a SHEL album release concert and a silent auction for local non-profit, Tails of the Trail.

Celebrating the Franklin Theatre’s newest tradition, live music, nationally recognized Americana band and Franklin favorites, SHEL appeared for a complimentary performance on Friday, June 24. They debuted their new album, Just Crazy Enough for a packed house. SHEL is composed of four sisters: Sarah, Hannah Eva and Liza Holbrook, all twenty-something women, born in a five-year span from Fort Collins, Colorado.Tails of the Trail 2

While the main event was this group of talented sisters, Tails of the Trail, an animal advocacy group had a table set up outside and even brought puppies available for adoption from animal shelters in the area. This non-profit group was launched in 2014 by Nashville Hiking Meetup, where groups partner with animal shelters and adoption agencies to hike with shelter dogs for exercise and socialization.Tails of the Trail

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) has indicated that of the roughly 3.9 million dogs entering shelters per year, approximately 31 percent are euthanized. In some urban areas these numbers run as high as 78 percent. Tails of the Trail’s goal is to reduce euthanasia rates by hiking with local homeless dogs, while reducing kennel related stress and anxiety with socialization and exercise.

The historic Franklin Theatre celebrated the fifth anniversary of its reopening in June with a special series of complimentary movies, backstage tours and a music concert to say thanks for helping make it an important cultural showplace in such a short period of time. The historic movie house reopened in 2011 to inspire, enrich and connect the Franklin community as a world-class music venue and multi-purpose arts facility after an $8.5 million rebuild.

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