Franklin Rodeo to Feature Award-Winning Barrelman

Franklin Rodeo

By Sinclaire Sparkman

A Franklin favorite, the Franklin Rodeo, will be coming back to the Williamson County Ag Expo on May 15-17 for it’s 65th anniversary, and will feature renowned entertainer Robbie Hodges as a barrelman.

Hodges has been rolling barrels and protecting rodeo performers for fourteen years, and he has won many awards for his rodeo comedy in the past, including two time Clown of the Year from the Pro Rodeo Cowboys Association and the Coors Man in a Can award four times.

robbie in barrel frkln 08 riddle cropped

“Most of my stuff is from the situation and the crowd. Ninety percent is from the crowd, and the other twelve percent I make up,” Hodges said jokingly.

The Rodeo will also feature the new VIP Cantina lounge for those 21 and up to come enjoy a drink and socialize with other rodeo lovers before the show. The Cantina lounge will open at 5:30 p.m., and tickets must be purchased ahead of time. A $20 ticket will get you access to the lounge and three drinks of your choice from the bar.

Rodeo festivities will begin at 7:30 p.m. each night at the Williamson Ag Expo. There will be kids activities, champion events each night, and plenty of shops and food.

Also, the Rodeo parade will go through downtown Franklin at noon on Saturday, May 10.

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