Franklin Public Affairs Forum Coming Up

The Williamson Chamber will be gathering Franklin County officials next week to discuss Franklin public affairs at the Public Affairs Roundtable.

City of Franklin officials, Mayor Ken Moore, City Administrator Eric Stuckey, Police Chief Deb Faulkner and Fire Chief Rocky Garzarek, are expected to appear at Williamson, Inc.’s Public Affairs Roundtable to discuss public safety issues faced by the City of Franklin.

This free, informative forum for Franklin public affairs will be held on Friday, June 26 at 7:15 a.m. at the Williamson County Administrative Complex, located at 1320 West Main Street in Franklin.

Public Affairs Roundtable is a monthly community forum featuring elected officials centered on the issues being discussed in the Tennessee Legislature and in Williamson County. Representatives are given a platform to discuss the issues in greater depth with their constituents.

Plans are already underway to address area growth. Construction of Franklin Fire Station 7, which is located on the grounds of the Williamson County Ag Expo Park, is expected to open in 2017, and Fire Station 8 is scheduled to be complete in August 2015 to serve the growing Westhaven community. Additionally, the county is constructing a public safety facility that will open by late spring or summer 2016.

The public is invited to bring questions and comments regarding these initiatives and other public safety concerns. Register online at

Similar to the May 29 roundtable where Williamson County Mayor Rogers Anderson explained how the county is addressing growth in the area, Franklin officials will give their perspectives about the growth challenges they face as Franklin becomes a more urban city.

“The county has growing pains just like a small business. It’s important we shore up our law enforcement, work with our city partners and vice versa,” Anderson said during last month’s roundtable.

The one-hour program is aired on Comcast Channel 3, the county’s public information channel, and rebroadcasted on Williamson County Television’s YouTube Channel.Public Affairs Roundtable is presented by the Vanderbilt University Office of Community, Neighborhood, and Government Relations. Learn more at

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