Detectives in Franklin are investigating a substantial burglary that occurred sometime after 11 pm, Thursday night, at Crown Jewelry & Gifts on Murfreesboro Road.

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Owners arrived to find the store in total disarray after thieves cut through the roof to enter the store. Once inside, the thieves are believed to have spent several hours using a circular saw to cut through drywall and into the vault after defeating several security measures that were in place. The loss is in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

If you have information or may have seen anything that could help solve this crime, call Franklin Police or Williamson County Crime Stoppers. There is a reward of up to $1,000 being offered for information.


  1. Crown Jewelry is such a great place to take things for repair and to purchase things. I hate someone decided to take such measures to rob them. Hope they find out who did it and recover the items taken!

  2. So sad for my favorite jewelry store Crown in Franklin, TN to have been broken into. How does that happen to the best in the business. The community hurts for you.

  3. Our hearts we’re saddened to learn of the break in. Johnnie has such a kind heart and very humble spirit, he has been such a blessing to our family. Our prayer is that whoever is responsible will be found out sooner than later, and that justice be done, all that was taken given back. Really what is the world coming to, what happened to dignity and pride having morals about yourself. Lord help us all!!!

  4. So sorry about this. I’ve been in for repairs several times; the people there were so nice and the price was fair. Looks like I need to come and buy some new jewelry to support a great local business. (And also my jewelry box )

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