armed robbery

Officers were called to the Murfreesboro Road Bank of America, just before 8:00 Thursday night after a man was robbed at gunpoint. The victim was at the walk-up ATM when a suspect wearing a bandanna over his face approached him with a gun. The robber demanded money and then fled in a light-colored 4-door sedan. That getaway vehicle was driven by a large black male.

Detectives from Franklin are working with Brentwood Police who believe that this same suspect committed a similar robbery at the Moore’s Lane Bank of America ATM fifteen minutes prior. No one was injured during either robbery.

Police advise citizens to use caution and be vigilant about their surroundings when using ATMs, especially at night.

A cash reward is being offered for information in these robberies. Got a tip? Call Crime Stoppers: (615) 794-4000 or click to submit an anonymous eTip

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  1. This is terrible! Crime is getting worse everywhere! Every neighborhood, every community. Thanks to all of our hard-working police, but it’s gotten to the point where regular citizens need to be able to protect themselves. It’s not safe anymore, even in the daytime.

  2. It’s because of the people in this country that make it hard for the police to do their job, much less want to have the job. They also do not get paid enough.

    I feel there are much less police these days ever since the Obama era.

    People will learn the hard way their value.

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