Franklin Police Announce Zero-tolerance DUI Detection & Enforcement

From Franklin Police Dept.

franklin police dui

The Franklin Police Department has identified an increase in impaired drivers, and Chief Deborah Faulkner is announcing a zero-tolerance enforcement effort to combat the issue.

“We will have a special unit of officers checking area bars, parking lots, and our streets, and our officers aim to stop anyone who has decided to break the law and drive drunk,” said Chief Faulkner. “DUI suspects will be arrested and taken to jail. We want them off our streets before they hurt or kill someone.”

The average DUI, with fines, court costs, and attorney fees, can cost an offender as much as $10,000. Franklin Police say that cost, however, pales in comparison to someone being injured or killed by an impaired driver.

As part of this enforcement effort, officers will also be checking area bars who are overserving their customers, which is a violation of their license and the law.

Anyone who sees someone who may be impaired getting behind the wheel is urged to call police. That number in Franklin is (615) 794-2513.