Franklin Man Gives Tesla Savings to Charity

Asks Community to Help Raise $80K for Charities

Michael Anthony

Turning 40 is a milestone and Franklin resident Michael Anthony wanted to celebrate in a big way. Anthony has been saving to purchase his dream car – a Tesla. But as his birthday approached, he instead decided to take the $40,000 he had been saving for a car and give it away to charity.

“As much as I enjoy owning nice things, like Tesla, my heart beats for helping people. My drive in life is to serve and empower others,” said Anthony.

Micheal is asking the community to join him in donating. He’s named his campaign 40Kfor40 with a goal of raising $80,000. For every dollar you give, Anthony will match 100%, until he has given away his intial $40,000, making the grand total raised $80,000.

“If I heard of someone sacrificing a Tesla to give away $40,000 cash to charities for their birthday, I’d want to join in.”

Michael selected five charities with proven financial transparency that meet basic human needs like clean water, education, and healthcare. These organizations also provide joy, hope, healing, and love, which Anthony believes this world could use more of.

Once the goal is reached, collectively the $80,000 will bring clean water to 600 people, provide careers through trade school education for up to ten high school graduates, grant three wishes, and support children and their families fighting cancer at St. Jude.

All donations are tax-deductible and securely donated directly to the charities online. The #40kFor40 Campaign ends at 11:59pm EST Friday November 8th, 2019. To participate and learn more visit

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