Entrepreneurship Fair

From WCS inFocus

Two Franklin High students are using their innovative skills to improve the world they’re living in.

Franklin High seniors Luke Olson and Trajan Parkes competed in the annual Middle Tennessee State University High School Entrepreneurship Fair on Wednesday, November 14. After presenting their project idea to a panel of judges, they returned to Franklin with a second-place award.

“Luke and Trajan are intrinsically motivated to be innovative in everything they do in our entrepreneurship class,” said Franklin High marketing instructor Tunisha Hobson.

Luke and Trajan’s project, UV Clean, aims to make it easier for athletes and other groups to clean water bottles and prevent the spread of disease. The use of UV-C light would offer a portable way to keep the water bottles clean. UV-C light is part of the ultraviolet light spectrum, and the high frequency of the light makes it very effective at killing germs and bacteria.

“I teach students to be void fillers and find ways to positively impact the world,” Hobson said. “Their mission is to provide an affordable product which can help eliminate the spread of disease with shared water bottles by using UV-C light.”