Franklin Cupcake Shop Closes


IveyCake is closing its bakery in downtown Franklin. For almost 10 years, IveyCake owned by Ivey Childers has occupied a small space, 200 square feet, right off Main Street next to Franklin Mercantile on Fourth Avenue.

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The small but mighty bakery has created many memorable cupcakes and cakes like Carrie Underwood’s wedding cupcakes and most recently a cake to commemorate Reba McEntire’s 40th anniversary with the Opry.

IveyCakeChilders posted on Saturday a message on her Instagram account, “This announcement comes with a lot of mixed emotions, but it’s time I share it with you. After nearly 10 years in beautiful downtown Franklin, I have made the decision to close my bakery. The downtown Franklin IveyCake store is in its final week and will be open this Tuesday. October 17th through Saturday, October 21st.”

But Iveycake fans don’t have to worry, a new location will be opening soon says Childers, “We will then close this chapter and continue celebrating a new beginning right down the road in Brentwood.

She went on to reminisce about the beginning days of IveyCake, “I will never forget when I decided to open up in 2008. I had many sleepless nights as I filled every position from the start. I was owner, baker, decorator, shopper, cleaner and I worked the counter full time. That meant no sleep. I remember saying to myself, ‘I bet having a newborn is easy compared to this.’ Well, I can comment on that now since I have Leona but maybe some other time. The point is, IveyCake showed me what I was truly capable of. Eventually I had to work smarter and hire trusted people to help. I gained so much muscle in my work ethic and was given a launch pad to many amazing opportunities. I became a part of this Nashville community in a way that was exciting and beyond what I could have imagined when I moved here in 1999. ”

Childers then tells how her husband Mark Childers, bass player for Carrie Underwood, helped with the opening, “Mark and I started dating right before I was given the opportunity to take this space in 2008. He helped me get it started in our very early dating years. No one was more excited for me than Mark. His dad painted it, his mom started working the counter. (Oh miss Thelma Childers, I need a whole separate write up on your contribution to me and this store). At one time my mom drove from Memphis every week to help me bake. The memories just go on and on. It was a labor of love from the start. ”

Childers ended her post with a message to Franklin, “To the people of Franklin: There’s nothing quite like the people of downtown Franklin. There is a small town family connection in this community. I’m forever grateful to the countless faces who supported a hard working girl, full of passion, and the best cupcakes and cakes she created in her early 20’s.
Yes, I’ll forever be grateful to that tiny cute shop. It may only be 200 square feet but it gave me 100,000 square feet of possibilities and dreams fulfilled.”

It goes on to say, “Thank you to all of you who walked through that door and trusted me with your sweet treats and milestone celebrations. I hope you continue to do so at our new Brentwood location. I know I’ll hear expression of disappointment and sadness. I get it. It was a tough decision, but I know in the long run it is the right choice for me. We hope you have a chance to stop by today or Tuesday through Saturday of next week to say goodbye to us in Franklin only to say hello again in Brentwood! It’s just right down the road!
So much love to all of you! Thank you again for an incredible 9 years!”

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