Franklin Crime Report: May 11-17, 2017

From May 11-17, there were 7 reported crimes to law enforcement in the city of Franklin and the surrounding area. This includes crimes reported to both the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office and Franklin Police Department.

Code- CrimeDate-TimeAddressDescription
26A False Pretenses/Swindle/Confidence Game 05/11/2017 12:32 PM400 Block Century CourtFalse Pretenses/Swindle/Confidence Game
23D Theft From Building05/12/2017 02:37 PM400 Block Century CourtTheft From Building
False Pretenses/Swindle/Confidence Game 05/13/2017 01:56 PM4200 Block Pate RoadFalse Pretenses/Swindle/Confidence Game
23F Theft From Motor Vehicle05/15/2017 11:50 AM8200 Block Neal Road Theft From Motor Vehicle
13B Simple Assault05/15/2017 08:46 PM400 Block Century CourtSimple Assault
290 Destruction/Damage/Vandalism of Property05/16/2017 01:03 PM3600 Block N. Chapel RoadDestruction/Damage/Vandalism of Property
26C Impersonation05/17/2017 09:04 AM4000 Block Trail Ridge RoadImpersonation

Explanation of crimes:

Property Crime –¬†General crimes committed on residential or commercial property.

Violent Crimes – Those offenses which involve force or threat of force.

Quality of Life –¬†Incidents related to drugs, liquor, and disorder.