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franklin band The Franklin Band, winner of the 2015 MTSU Contest of Champions, and current holder of the Tennessee Governors Cup, invites the community to join them for the 4th Annual Community Cavalcade performance on Saturday, November 7th in the Howard Gamble Stadium at Franklin High School. The free program begins at 7:00 PM with an informative introduction led by directors David Aydelott, Michael Holland, and Jacob Campos, in which they explain how the show is designed and why the repertoire, drill, body movement and general effect elements produce high marks for the band competitively. The program ends with this season’s spectacular, award-winning show titled “But Now I See.”

The Franklin Band’s 2015 show is inspired by the story of John Newton. A young Newton found himself amidst a terrifying storm as he left Africa on a slave trade expedition. A wave hit the ship, shifting cargo to plug a large hole that had been ripped in the hull and the ship, along with Newton’s life, was saved. After this experience, Newton penned the words to what would become his most prolific work,”Amazing Grace”, and began his journey from slave trader to clergyman and abolitionist.

The Franklin Band invites you to join them on their journey of self-discovery. Come early to get a good seat, and fill the stands to cheer the band on as they prepare for the Bands of America Grand Nationals Competition in Indianapolis on November 13 and 14.




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