Franklin Attorney Disbarred On Forgery Charges


Franklin attorney John Jay Clark has been disbarred for a second time.

Due to reports that Clark forged a judges’ signature, the Tennessee Supreme Court announced his disbarring on Aug 9.

He was disbarred in December for charges of abandoning clients, and would need to address both now to be reinstated as a lawyer.

According to the disbarment, Clark forged judges’ signatures on multiple clients’ divorces. When one man tried to get remarried, the forgeries were discovered.

Clark was indicted on these charges last year after a Tennessee Bureau of Investigation investigation.john-jay-clark-e1465589022854

At the request of 20th District Attorney General Glenn Funk, TBI Special Agents began investigating attorney John Jay Clark on July 29, 2015, on a forgery complaint. During the course of the investigation, Agents learned that in the fall of 2013, Clark was representing a man in a divorce proceeding. The investigation found that Clark provided his client a ‘final decree’, indicating the divorce between the two was final. That decree was shared with the wife.

The investigation showed that in June 2015, the wife received notification from the Davidson County Clerk’s Office that her divorce proceedings were closed due to inactivity. She provided the Clerk’s office with the decree she had received. Agents learned that the decree was determined to be a false and forged document that had not been filed with the Clerk’s office. It was also determined that the divorce was not actually finalized.