Franklin Art Teacher Wins “Nailed It” Netflix Series

Johnson Elementary art teacher Cassie Stephens appeared on the Netflix bake-off reality show “Nailed It.”

“Nailed It” is an original series on Netflix where amateur bakers compete to see who can re-create the most Pinterest worthy dessert for a $10,000 prize.

Stephens, who admittedly doesn’t cook and rarely uses her kitchen, was sought out for the show’s third season, which began May 17th. She filmed the episode almost a year ago.

When we asked about what it was like to finally be able to talk about the show and her winnings Stephens said, “So exciting. On Friday, we had a watch party at school with my coworkers and it was so thrilling to watch along with them…and FINALLY share my news!”

“I’m the absolute worst at keeping secrets and the show was filmed nearly a year ago. I honestly can’t believe I was able to keep a lid on it that long. Guess they really scared me with that non-disclosure I signed. I think I must have had a pretty good poker face because many of my coworkers assumed I’d not won. They’ve also taste tested my box-brownies when we do carry-ins and they are pretty wise of my bad-baking ways. At least I’ve never tried to feed them 3-minute baked cookies!” continued Stephens.

How will Stephens spend her $10,000 prize money? She shared,”Well, ‘the check’s in the mail’ so I’ll have to keep you posted.”

“I did have a sweet student ask me today, ‘Are you going to be our art teacher anymore now that you are rich?’ It made me laugh so hard! I have some wonderful things I’d love to purchase for my art room. I love the idea of my students spending more time outside and I’ve always wanted easels for the outdoors. That’s on my wishlist when I get that big ole check!”