The development plan of the Harpeth Square project was unanimously approved Tuesday by the Board of Mayor and Aldermen in Franklin.

The development will span four city blocks in the area between Bridge St, Main St., 2nd and 1st avenues in downtown Franklin. It is estimated that the project will cost upwards of $80 million.

Along with the four-story hotel that will face 2nd Ave., the project plan includes apartment amenities, retail and four levels of parking spaces, totaling 558 spaces.

Citizen comments were split on the issue, but most seemed to support the Harpeth Square development project.

Video of the discussion and meeting minutes may be found here:



  1. i think this is a wonderful thing for Franklin, but it sure would have been nice if they would have made the architecture more in line with the charm of our downtown. I sure hope it doesn’t look like an ugly monstrosity in our beautiful town..

    • I totally agree with you Kim! While I’m all for a quaint hotel for downtown Franklin, this ugly, monstrosity is not right. It does not represent our town in any way. I sure hope a “Plan B” is on the drawing board bc this would hurt our town’s appearance. This bldg. is representative of a 70’s medical center. No, please no!

  2. Oh. My. Goodness! What an eyesore! I agree wholeheartedly with the above comments. Franklin does need a downtown hotel but not this institutional monstrosity. I am so surprised that the Franklin historical people would approve this type of architecture when they have put such tight restrictions on so many other things. Makes you wonder about that. I sincerely hope that they will open this up to some more ideas, listen to the residents of Franklin, and try to keep in mind our special historical heritage.

  3. They make it difficult for small, unique business to do things. They even pick you to death for a quarter inch descrepency on signage and harrass you with fines. Many small businesses are leaving yet they are allowing this, just another cookie cutter multi use building That looks exactly like all the other ones everywhere. Goodbye lovely, unique Franklin. You’ll be a mini Cool Springs in 10 year’s.

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