Franklin First Kitty Hall

The City of Franklin is teaming up with the Williamson Animal Center with an event called Kitty Hall, a kitty election, fundraising and adoption event in City Hall in downtown Franklin on Friday, July 19th 10:30-2:30 p.m.

July is the season for kittens and the Williamson Animal Center will be offering two kittens for the price of one at the Kitty Hall event. Mars Petcare, the Downtown Franklin Association, Ruby Sunshine, Landmark Booksellers and Heart and Hands are joining in the fun. Come get free refreshments at the “Cat Café” in City hall!

The event will be held in a conference room right off the main hallway in Kitty (City) Hall. The atmosphere will be similar to a cat café where citizens can come in, relax and spend a little time with the kittens and cats available for adoption. They can also “vote” for their favorite catidate for meower or aldercat with their dollars. All proceeds will benefit the Williamson Animal Center. To see some of the catidates (candidates) and their catforms (platforms) go to See a fun video about the event featuring Mayor Ken Moore and County Mayor Rogers Anderson here

“This is an election year and we are having fun with the cat puns and kitty election at kitty hall,” said Mayor Ken Moore. “There will be adult cats and kittens up for adoption and any proceeds we make from the event will go to support the Williamson Animal Center, a very worthwhile place in our community.”

Ondrea Johnson, director at Williamson County Animal Center, is looking forward to the event. “We have so many adoptable cats and kittens in our community, and this event is a fun way to bring awareness to the need for adoption. The City of Franklin is such a great partner, and we appreciate their hosting Kitty Hall.”

Attendees to Kitty Hall will have the opportunity to adopt a cat, cuddle and play with the kittens and take photos! Those who adopt can take home their new kitty from the event. The Williamson Animal Center will have cardboard kennels to take pets home. The fees will be $10.00 for (one or two) kittens and $10.00 for adult cats. Adoptable shelter animals can be viewed at



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