How To Frame And Easily Change Kids Artwork

by Amanda Gates
Gates Interior Design

Many of my clients have young children who love to come home with their latest creations. I love kids and their artwork. Many have no inhibitions and create based on how they feel at that moment. But as a parent who only has so many square feet on their fridge, how do you display it in a fun and decorative way?

Enter in interchangeable art frames:Kids Framed Artwork, Amanda Gates

Kids Framed Artwork, Amanda Gates 2

With hinged frames that easily open, your child’s artwork can be displayed weekly or changed out at any time. Above is an installation I did with a client for her two girls. Children love seeing their creations hung in a special manner for all to admire. And framing them makes your child feel a little more important than shoving them all onto the fridge. Super easy to install and even easier to use.  You can find them here on Amazon.

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 Amanda Gates
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