A Franklin Road Academy alum wants to bring attention to pollination through an environmental art movement. Melanie Oliva (FRA class of ’95) has started Inspiration Pollination, an artistic movement whose mission is to help save pollinators by educating the public about their rapidly decreasing numbers.

“Pollination, as a process, means influence, not visibility. We barely notice the bees and hummingbirds shuttling pollen from blossom to blossom as they bob about the landscape. But without them, there would no landscape, let alone blossoms.

The artistic process is, in many ways, quite similar; artists rarely make front-page news, and art funding is often the first to go when budget cuts are on the table. But artists seed the ideas and innovations that keep society evolving,” reports Huffington Post.

pollinationTherefore, Oliva has created an artistic challenge, open to anyone, even those who may not consider themselves ‘artists.’

The challenge is to create something that will inspire others to respect pollinators, can be posted on Facebook and spread to at least 4 others who will do the same. As explained in the Facebook Group, “It could be as small as a doodle of a bird, a poem about a bee, or planting milkweed in your yard and as large as a hyper-realistic painting of butterflies, a new design for a pollinator habitat, or a documentary about bats.”

You can also post on Instagram, using ‪#‎inspirationpollination‬, and @inspirationpollination.

Read the entire Huffington Post story here and join the Inspiration Pollination Group on Facebook.

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