Fourth Quarter Safety Helps Nolensville Take Down Tullahoma

Nolensville at Tullahoma High School Football

The Nolensville Knights were on the road in week three of the postseason to take on Tullahoma. The Knights beat DeKalb County last week 24-17 to advance and take on Tullahoma.

The last time these two matched up in the regular season, Tullahoma won 29-14.

Nolensville proved that beating a team twice in the same season is harder than it sounds. They beat Tullahoma 15-14 tonight.

Tullahoma would receive the ball first as Nolensville deferred their decision to the second half. The first quarter would be scoreless as both teams were feeling each other out, and as Tullahoma missed a field goal that would have given them the lead.

Late in the second quarter, the Knights scored the first touchdown on a pass to Fitzgerald. Nolensville led 7-0. After the touchdown both teams had possessions but neither team was able to convert them into points until Tullahoma scored as time expired on a QB sneak from a yard out. They tied things up at 7 heading into halftime.

Out of halftime, Nolensville got the ball to start the second half. They did not do much with it as they gave it back to Tullahoma. The Wildcats scored on a huge run play and took a 14-7 lead.

On the following kickoff, Samson Johnson took it all the way to the house. The Knights missed the PAT though and the game was 14-13 with Tullahoma on top. Nolensville’s defense came up big and got a stop forcing a punt. The Knights had the ball with a chance to score and take the lead.

Nolensville was unable to get their offense in the end zone and were forced to give the ball back. The third quarter came to an end with the score still 14-13.

Both teams were going back and forth. When it looked like Tullahoma would win 14-13, the Wildcats had a snap go over their punter’s head and he was forced to kick it out of the end zone. It resulted in a safety and Nolensville took the lead 15-14.

Nolensville’s new offensive strategy was to drain as much time as they could while they had the lead. The Knights drained the clock all the way to nineteen seconds left and then punted. Tullahoma attempted a hook-and-latter final Hail Mary, but it came up short. The Knights held on for the 15-14 win.

Check out the live scoreboard at:

High School Football Playoff Scores – Week 3

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