Four Men Arrested for Burglarizing Forest Hills Home

burglary in forest hills
burglary in forest hills

Four Men Believed to be from Chile Arrested for Burglarizing Forest Hills Home & Remain Under Investigation.

Violent Crimes Division detectives, working a joint investigation with Brentwood Police, arrested four men Wednesday night shortly after they burglarized a Forest Hills home and stole more than $200,000 in jewelry and cash.

The four suspects, who are believed to be from Chile, refused to be interviewed. They gave their names and ages as Danhrl Pelegrani, 36, Juan Gutierrez, 32, Lucas Oros Valderrnto, 31, and Cesar Hedando Cortez Vlla, 23.

The investigation shows that the four used a rental SUV to arrive and then flee from the burglary scene. Surveillance of the SUV led officers to a hotel on Atrium Way, where the vehicle was blocked in by law enforcement and the four men arrested. Inside the SUV were jewelry items and two all black outfits that were still wet and had grass on them consistent with someone walking in a wooded area.

The Forest Hills homeowner confirmed that the items found in the SUV were hers. Detectives walked the path in which the suspects were believed to have fled and found a discarded safe that was taken from the home.

A search of the suspects’ hotel room led to the discovery of various IDs not belonging to them.

The four men are each charged with aggravated burglary. A judicial commissioner set their bonds at $100,000. They remain under investigation in Williamson County and at least two other states.


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