Recently, former Tennessee Vol and Tennessee Titan, Albert Haynesworth wrote a letter to his 14 year old self (not to be confused by the fake one currently being run on different CBS online affiliates). Now, before you roll your eyes, there are lessons to be learned here. It’s a poignant note and I think written as much for others, who may find themselves in his shoes as himself, and how not to make some of the mistakes he admits to in the letter. Titans, Vols, chasing the money, and The Stomp are all a part of the letter published in Player’s Tribune .

You’re going to be a better athlete than 85 percent of the offensive linemen you’re up against. You’re going to run over guys in practice. But for some reason, when Sunday comes around, they’re going to do just enough to stop you. Because they have the brains. Year by year, you’re going to figure this out and start picking up little tricks.

For the complete letter click here.

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