Former Nana’s Diner Cook Owed Over $3K

Earlier this week, we reported that a protest occurred Saturday, November 14th outside of the popular Nana’s Diner in Nolensville.

The protest was hosted by Workers’ Dignity, who created a Facebook Event called-Nana’s Diner Pay Your Workers. Those who joined the event were asked to join in protest for worker, Mario Flores. The event invite stated that Flores has worked for Nana’s Diner for almost a year sometimes for as much as 64 hours a week, but did not receive overtime pay.

We received the following information from the Workers’ Dignity group, who has been assisting Mario Flores in his case where he allegedly is owed over $3300 in back wages from Nana’s Diner. We have again reached out to Nana’s Diner for comment on the situation but have not received a response.

From Workers’ Dignity:

On Saturday, November 14, 4:30 – 5:30pm, more than 25 Workers’ Dignity members and community allies protested at Nana’s Diner on Saturday, demanding that Mario Flores be paid in full for his overtime hours. Frances Caggiano, the owner of Nana’s Diner was not present and the restaurant had closed early in anticipation of the protest.

Workers’ Dignity is standing with Mario Flores, the former cook at Nana’s Diner who is owed $3,399.08. Mario reports that he was often required to work overtime, sometimes more than 20 hours of overtime in a week, but he was never paid any overtime pay. Caggiano admits that she has withheld his overtime pay but refuses to pay it. The owner of Nana’s Diner told several supporters of Mario Flores, “We don’t pay overtime.”

After meeting with others whose wages were stolen, Mario joined Workers’ Dignity on May 22nd. Mario sent a letter to Caggiano on July 18 asking for his stolen wages back and on August 8th, Workers’ Dignity members and allies visited Nana’s Diner and presented Caggiano with evidence of the stolen wages. But Caggiano continues to refuse to meet her legal obligations as an employer.

“My employers at Nana’s diner tried to exploit me because I am Latino,” said Flores. “They wanted me to think that I didn’t have any rights. They were abusive people to work for.”

Neptali Perez, member of the Workers’ Dignity leadership committee, said “I believe that all workers have the right to respect with dignity and justice. Nana’s must stop abusing its workers and treat them fairly.”

Workers’ Dignity, based in Nashville, is a non-profit organization that organizes low-income workers to act collectively for economic justice. Through peaceful actions and legal cases, more than 100 workers have recovered more than $300,000 in back wages since April of 2010. The organization takes new wage-theft cases every third Thursday at 6pm at 3013B Nolensville Pike, Nashville. Workers’ Dignity can be found online at For more information, call 615-601-2820.

Here is the Timeline of Steps Taken by Mario Flores.

May 22, 2015 – Joined Workers’ Dignity
July 18 – Sent a letter to Nana’s Diner Owner, Frances Caggiano asking for his stolen wages
August 8 – Workers’ Dignity members and allies visited Caggiano at Nana’s Diner with evidence of the stolen wages.
November 14 – Dozens of members and allies staged a protest outside Nana’s Diner.

Below is a copy of Mario Flores paycheck that he sent to us.


The pay stub shows that Flores worked 128 hours in one pay period, between Oct 13-26.

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