Former Elementary Principal & Teacher Served With Multiple Counts of Sexual Exploitation of a Minor

Jonathan Ullrich
Ullrich on 9-9-22/photo from Brent Cooper District Attorney

On 9/9/22, former Longview Elementary School Principal Jonathan Ullrich, turned himself into the Maury County Sheriff’s Department, where he was served with indictments for three additional charges.

In December, we reported that Ullrich was taken into custody in Maury County with over 20 charges of sexual battery and rape of a child against him.

The new charges are: 2 counts of Sexual Exploitation of a Minor, a Class D Felony, and Sexual Exploitation of a Minor (possession of over 100 images), a Class B Felony. These charges allegedly stem from an analysis of Ullrich’s personal computer by the TBI.

Ullrich was released back onto the original $350,000 bond he posted earlier for his previous 21 Count indictment for Rape of a Child, Agg. Sex. Battery, Rape, Incest, and Especially Aggravated Sexual Exploitation of a Minor.

It is worth noting that Ullrich’s appearance has changed significantly since he was originally arrested on 12/13/21 and when he was booked on 9/9/22.


  1. Fairview or Longview? Original report says first grade teacher at Fairview. This report says principal at Longview. Was he promoted then this all came out? Reporting is weird.

    • Thank you for pointing this out, Chris. He was a former Longview Elementary School principal as well as a teacher at Fairview Elementary. When he was arrested last year, he was a first grade teacher at Fairview Elementary School. Upon arrest, he was suspended without pay.


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