Former American Idol Kris Allen Talks Music, Dickens and More

We sat down with former American Idol winner Season 8, Kris Allen, who  now lives in our area and will be performing at Dickens Christmas on Saturday December 13th at 3:45.   Former Arkansas  resident, and the only married contestant to win Idol, Allen has had quite a ride over the last couple of years.   We talked about  dirty diapers, driving safely, music education and what  we  can expect to hear at the Dickens Christmas performance.

WS: Tell us what you and your family enjoy in Williamson County?
Allen:  I do love it in Williamson. I love the community vibe in this county. Dickens Christmas is a great example of that.

WS: Who would you say are your musical inspirations?
Allen: That’s a tough one. I feel like I have always listened to all types of music. From Garth to Michael. The Beatles to Boy Bands. James Taylor to Ryan Adams. And it is all so accessible these days. I feel influenced by it all.

WS:  In 2013 you became a father and suffered quite an extensive injury, How have those events changed your life?
Allen: Well they both changed things in different ways.
The wreck obviously changed things for me physically but it changed how I look at driving. Please everyone be safe out there. Wreckless driving has the potential to effect someone for the rest of their life.
As far as having a kid goes that would have to be the biggest change. I remember someone telling me that you will experience a whole different kind of love when you have a kid. So true. It’s completely unconditional; no matter how many times I have to change a dirty diaper.

WS:  You have become involved in music education, can you tell us more about that project?
Allen: I work closely with this organization called Music Empowers to raise funds for music programs all over the country. I was so lucky to grow up in a music program that taught me so many different things. It gave me a place to succeed. Not every child has that opportunity. The reality of it is that music programs are expensive but I think once people see the change that it can make for children and their communities it becomes absolutely worth it.

WS: What can we expect from your performance at Dickens Christmas on Saturday?
Allen: Joy. I love Christmas time and Christmas music so much and can’t wait to share some of my favorite songs.

Thanks, Kris!  On Saturday Kris Allen will be performing his new single, “Baby, it ain’t Christmas without you.”  Don’t  miss this opportunity to hear him perform.   For more information regarding the Dickens Christmas event, go here.  And to find out more about Kris Allen, go here.