Former Amazing Race Contestant Makes Run for TN Congressional Seat

Amazing Race Justin Kanew

Some people may recognize Justin Kanew from his appearances on The Amazing Race (2009 and 2011), but now you’ll see Kanew in a new light, that of a politician, as he makes a run for Congress in the 7th District.

Kanew moved to Franklin after starting a family telling People magazine he was looking for a place that was community oriented.

“After doing the Race, I worked in entertainment in Los Angeles. I got married and we had a baby,” he tells PEOPLE. “We decided we didn’t want to raise our daughter in Los Angeles, so we decided to go to a place that was more community oriented. We wanted it to be more about family than Hollywood. We came to Franklin, Tennessee, and fell in love with the area.”

Justin and his wife, Nicole moved to Franklin where Justin planned to commute to Los Angeles continuing his work in Entertainment while wife, Nicole worked as a behavioral analyst for a local school. However, their plans changed.

“I just saw things happening in the country that I thought were dangerous,” Kanew says. “As a father, I started thinking about the world that my daughter would grow up in, and I wanted to help.”

Kanew will hold his first public appearance on July 20th from 6:30p – 8:30p at E Spaces located at 1550 W McEwen, Franklin.

For more updates on Kanew’s appearances, follow his Facebook page Kanew for Congress. Kanew is running against Marsha Blackburn, a 16-year incumbent. The Congressional election takes place Nov 8th, 2018.



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