Forensics Students Compete in White House High School Invitational

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Forensics students from several Williamson County high schools competed in the White House High School Invitational October 5.

The competition took place in Sumner County and included 14 different categories for students to compete in, as well as a sweepstakes category. Ravenwood High took first place in the sweepstakes category by earning the most overall points.

Students from Brentwood High, Franklin High, Independence High, Ravenwood High and Summit High all earned awards for their performances. The students who placed within the top six of their categories are listed below.

Dramatic Interpretation

  • Second: Caroline Meyer, Ravenwood High

Duet Improvisation

  • Second: Kendal Kocian and Gavin Brock, Ravenwood High

Duet Interpretation

  • First: Annabeth Elston and Mia Hayes, Summit High
  • Second: Isabelle Araujo and Victoria Araujo, Brentwood High
  • Third: Caroline Meyer and Ella Miller, Ravenwood High

Extemporaneous Speaking

  • First: Sri Adabala, Ravenwood High
  • Third: Anna Sullivan, Brentwood High
  • Sixth: Maggie Beth Kimbro, Summit High

Humorous Interpretation

  • First: Fallon O’Donnell, Ravenwood High
  • Third: Gavin Brock, Ravenwood High
  • Fifth: Landon Brown, Brentwood High


  • Second: Sri Adabala, Ravenwood High
  • Fourth: Collin Coil, Summit High
  • Fifth: Srichi Dalai, Ravenwood High


  • First: Claire Hopfensperger, Ravenwood High
  • Third: Srichi Dalai, Ravenwood High
  • Fifth: Raka Mukherjee, Ravenwood High

Original Oratory

  • Fifth: Brooke Gorman, Franklin High
  • Sixth: Neha Moolchandani, Brentwood High


  • First: Natalie Porter, Ravenwood High
  • Second: Lauren Latimore, Brentwood High

Program Oral Interpretation

  • Fourth: Natalie Porter, Ravenwood High
  • Fifth: Jirayu Paueksakon, Ravenwood High


  • Third: Kendal Kocian, Ravenwood High
  • Fourth: Olivia Williams, Ravenwood High

Public Forum Debate

  • First: William Fiechtil and Daniel Chen, Ravenwood High
  • Second: Trisha Mazumdar and Jack Berexa, Ravenwood High
  • Third: Ashwath Nayagadurai and Parker Kaciewicz, Brentwood High
  • Fourth: Manavi Bajpai and Ella Bullock-Papa, Ravenwood High
  • Fifth: Milind Muthiah and Riya Mitra, Ravenwood High
  • Sixth: Nicholas Nicastro and Dhruv Kumar, Ravenwood High


  • Second: Fallon O’Donnell, Ravenwood High
  • Third: Lily Wilson, Ravenwood High

Whoppers/Tall Tales

  • Second: Gavin Brock, Ravenwood High
  • Fifth: Brooke Gorman, Franklin High


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