Two Local Rival Football Teams Turn Pranks Into Positive for Charities

What started out as high school pranks from cross town football rivals has turned into a positive local fundraiser for local charities. Several years ago Spring Hill High and Summit High students pulled playful pranks each year for their football game by paying for parking and admissions in loose change.

While this was all done in fun, it did lead to long ticket admission lines and a lot of extra work for the volunteers working the football games. change-the-game-trophy

Both booster clubs for each school decided to turn this into a positive for a good cause and they came up with a fundraiser idea for local charities. They coined the phrase “Change the Game” for their fundraising activities for this event.

Ted Geasley president of the Summit Gridiron Club said “last year was a huge success, we collected about 150 pounds of change equaling close to $750 all donated to the local Chemo Duck charity enabling us to purchase 20+ Chemo Ducks for sick kids.”

Raiderbackers president Stephen Hultgren said, “they wanted to change this rivalry into something more positive. We are proud of our players, our communities, and of our schools, and are fierce rivals, but no longer BITTER rivals.”

This years game is being hosted by Spring Hill High and the Raiderbackers booster club have chosen to benefit the Center of Hope, a domestic violence shelter serving Maury and surrounding counties.

Buckets will be set up at the entrance with each school’s name and fans can donate their change to benefit a local charity. This year both booster clubs have purchased a trophy to be given to the school who raises the most change. All the change will be weighed at half-time and the winner will be announced.

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