Five WCS Students Ace ACT

From WCS inFocus

Centennial High’s Lily Britto is raising the bar on the ACT by earning a 36 on all four portions of the college-readiness exam, meaning she achieved a “perfect” perfect ACT score.

In addition, four more WCS students earned a perfect ACT composite score. Another Centennial High student, Lexis Khetsavanh, scored a composite score of 36 on the exam.

“The entire Cougar Nation is so very proud of Lily Britto and Lexis Khetsavanh,” said CHS Principal Dr. Meghen Sanders. “This rare achievement is a testament to the hard work, dedication and tenacity of these two scholars. As a school community, we celebrate Lily and Lexis and honor their unwavering commitment to academic excellence.”

Independence High’s Emma Sower and Ravenwood High’s Rithika Tummala and William Fiechtl also all earned a perfect composite on their ACT exams.

“Rithika Tummala is a highly intelligent and very hardworking student,” said RHS math teacher Peter Lowen. “She is a fast learner, and she pays attention to detail. William Fiechtl has enormous talent in abstract thought and loves academic challenges. In math classes, the greater the level of difficulty the more engaged he becomes.”