first district coffee co fairview closes

First District Coffee Co. in Farview announced on Facebook they are closing as of September 26.

First District had become a favorite spot for Fairview residents (and beyond) to grab coffee, and a meal, enjoy live music and more. When the news hit Facebook, many commented on how much First Distsrict meant to them.

A sampling of comments:

“Thank you for everything- you brought our community together and gave us a place to be.”

Thank you for everything you have done and offered to this community! You’ve been a sanctuary, for rest and rejuvenation through your hospitality!”

“My heart is so sad.  I loved coming in for daughter dates. It was my youngest girls favorite date place. So many memories and such wonderful staff. You were a treasure and will be so missed!”

First District Coffee Co. opened in what used to be known as the Farm Depot at 1880 Fairview Blvd in early 2016. They offer a variety of coffee beverages, breakfast, pastries, soups, salads, sandwiches and more.



  1. While of course I take no pleasure in this sad announcement, in all honesty I cannot say I am overly surprised. Many of your readers will recall that there was a gourmet coffee shop in what is now the Dunkin Donuts store near the Fairview McDonald’s. That store also failed, and, I am afraid, for much the same reasons. Specifically, their prices were higher than the majority of coffee drinkers in Fairview were willing to pay. Also, while I am sure that the then owners of the shop did not intend it, the overall atmosphere came across, to me at least, as a little too “upscale” for most of their potential customers. Frankly, I feel that, in both cases, the owners either did not look closely enough at the demographics of the Fairview area, or, even worse, ignored those demographics altogether, and thereby insured the failure of their respective enterprises. To put it simply, Fairview is NOT a big city like San Francisco, or even Nashville, and any would-be coffee shop that treats the Fairview market as if it were, and thereby projects an aura of snobbishness, even unintentionally, will most likely suffer a similar fate!

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