Ask a girl about her friends and she gets excited. Ask a girl about her best friend and she lights up. It’s that glow, that spark, that bond between friends that’s the motivating force behind the launch of Firefly™ bracelets, the first friendship bracelet with technology that brings friends closer.

Developed through extensive market research and focus group testing, the new bracelet concept featuring beads that glow taps into current trends for girls’ ages six – 14 that want to create and nurture emotional connections, while also expressing their individuality and uniqueness.

“We asked girls to tell us what’s important to them, what touches their hearts and makes them smile,” said Matt Gelfand, founder and managing partner of Franklin, Tenn.-based Lightbulb Innovation Group, creator of Firefly. “Their friends – even more so, their best friends – is what we heard over and over. We created Firefly bracelets to help girls nurture real connections and create deeper bonds with their friends in fun, positive and safe ways.”

The bracelets successfully launched in late November at Learning Express Toys of Cool Springs in Franklin, Tenn. and will be distributed nationally and online in early 2015.

“Firefly bracelets are truly like nothing I’ve seen before. They are on trend, on target and the timing is spot on. I believe they will easily be the next hottest item for girls,” said Connie Edmonds, owner, Learning Express Toys of Cool Springs. “The response from customers has been incredible. Within two hours of the launch, we sold our initial inventory of starter kits and most of the beads. They can’t make them fast enough to keep up with demand.”

Firefly features a band available in several trendy colors with a built-in power module made of durable metal. The bracelet stays charged for up to eight hours, so girls can glow throughout the day and charge at night. Each bead has its own distinct function and represents shared moments between friends. The current collection includes: Sparkle On™, which provides a constant glow, We Glow Together™ lights up when friends are near each other, and Fire Flair™, goes in between the glowing beads.

The starter kit includes the bracelet, charger, Sparkle On™ bead, and two Fire Flair™ beads and retails for $29.99. Additional beads range in price from $4.99 to $19.99. As new beads of various colors, shapes, themes and functions are introduced; girls will have endless possibilities for customizing bracelets that connects them with friends new and old.

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Donna Vissman
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