Finds & Happenings: Converse Unveils New Design


There are some things that are so classic that they don’t need a redesign, for instances Coke. Remember the rebellion that took place when they changed their formula?  Converse Chuck Taylor shoes are one of those classics that haven’t been  redesigned in 98 years!  For 98 years, Converse has offered the same shoe with some small variations.  That has all changed, the first  redesign called Chuck II looks very similar to old design but with a new technology added. Nike bought out Converse back in 2003 and while they have not changed anything about the shoe, this new redesign marries the Nike technology with the Converse look.

For those of you who put your Chucks away because they didn’t give you very much support, you might want to give these a try.  The new shoe will hit stores on July 28th with a limited color range of blue, red, white and black. Pricing for the high tops are $75 and the low tops are $70.

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