Fieldstone Farms, Franklin TN

UPDATE 2.28.14 12:45pm
After interviewing the man in question, FPD believes his intentions were good and the incident was a big misunderstanding.

While monitoring Hunters Bend Elementary this morning, officers spotted the man’s car near the school. The man saw the officers and flagged them down, saying he thought he might be the person they are looking for.

He agreed to speak to the police and explained that after dropping his child off at school, he saw the two girls riding their bikes and they appeared to be lost. He was simply checking on them.

“After looking at this closely, we’re certain that nothing was afoot here,” said Sgt. Charles Warner. “When it comes to kids, however, we have a huge responsibility to get it right. That’s why we sent the alert, and flooded area schools with extra officers this morning. Today’s resolution is a best-case scenario and a relief.”

UPDATE 2.28.14 9:27am
Yesterday, Fieldstone Farms residents were on the lookout for a suspicious man who offered a ride to two girls on Wednesday morning.

Today, Franklin Police are reporting that they’ve spoken with the man and discovered he is a neighborhood parent. FPD will release more details later. Williamson Source will keep you updated on this story.  

UPDATE 2.27.14 2:45pm
The Franklin Police Department are investigating the report of a man approaching two 9-year-old girls in Fieldstone Farms and offering them a ride yesterday (Wednesday).

According to the girls’ parents, the girls were riding their bikes to Hunters Bend Elementary for school. The girls said they were approached by a man in a green or gold cube-shaped vehicle with black bumpers and side mirrors.

The man approached them at the intersection of Lexington Parkway and Essex Park Circle, rolled down his window, asked if they were going to school and offered them a ride. As the man pulled away, the girls biked in the opposite direction.

The man is described as a white male (40-50 years old), bald, a 2″ long grey goatee and has a mole on his face. He was wearing a grey t-shirt and smoking a cigarette.

Police are unsure of the man’s intentions. Despite that, Chief David Rahinsky has ordered extra patrols in and around Franklin schools during peak times that children are traveling to and from school and they are alerting other communities in the Franklin area so that they, too, can be on the lookout for this subject and vehicle.

Police urge parents to use this event as an opportunity to speak with their children about how to handle this kind-of situation. Anyone with information regarding this case is urged to call Franklin Police: (615) 794-2513.

Original Story 2.27.14 11:25am
Fieldstone Farms residents are urged to be on the lookout for a suspicious man, trying to lure children into his car.

Reports have been made that yesterday morning, a balding man with a goatee, driving an army green cube type car with black trim, tried to lure two girls into his car near Lexington & Essex Park Circle.

The Franklin Police Department (FPD) are investigating these reports and Williamson Source will keep you updated with any new information. FPD have stepped up patrols in the Fieldstone Farms area and Hunters Bend School and the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office are aware of the situation.

Please call the police if you spot a car or man of these descriptions: 794-2513.


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  1. Wow, and the Nashville Mayor Karl Dean and the Metro Planning Department claim children don’t ride their bikes to school because of car traffic.

  2. Looks like this was a misunderstanding.

    People need to know that you can’t do things like this anymore. This isn’t the civil society we had before the 60’s American Cultural Revolution and we are not likely to ever get it back. Just be glad you don’t live in Nashville where the revolution continues in the Mayor’s office and the Planning department.

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