If you missed Steeplechase 2015, you missed one of the very few times where there was no rain on the day of the event or even the day before.  In years past, you would have seen dozens of women dressed in sundresses and rain boots but this year’s fashion was sandals and flip flops as there was not a raindrop in sight.  And the men stepped up their game this year! We saw lots of color and bow ties.


  In addition to the pleasantly dry conditions, Nashville Lifestyles hosted a tailgating contest.

While this was the winner, we were actually pretty impressed with this guy’s tent.


Christine A. Moore, designer and  millinery attended Steeplechase this year.  She is known for her attention to detail and using all natural fibers in her hats. Before the event, she spent a couple of days at Gus Mayer showcasing her beautifully designed hats.  Here she is pictured with Kearstin Patterson, President of Iroquois Alliance.

Don’t delay as renewals started Monday at 10 am for next year’s race, the 75th Iroquois Steeplechase which has benefitted Monroe Carrell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt for the last 30 years raising almost ten million dollars to date.  We hope to see you there next year!  

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