Famous Franklin High Alum To Talk About “Size”

by Kelly Sutton, Firefly Media

Raymond McAnally has been away from “home” for a while.  This award-winning comedian and actor has been honing his craft in Los Angeles.  And it has paid off.
He has been featured on shows from 30 Rock and Modern Family to Law and Order: SVU.  But it hasn’t been easy.
As a bigger guy in Hollywood, Raymond says early on he was typecast.

“It wasn’t easy.  Casting directors only thought of me for certain roles,” McAnally said.
After years aimage2uditioning and plays that helped build his confidence… Raymond has reached a level in his career where he is comfortable in his own skin.

Now the Franklin High School Alum wants to open up the dialogue about bullying, body issues and love of family.
His one-man show “Size Matters” was born after Raymond saw his 10-year old nephew struggling with the same issues he had faced.

“I definitely used comedy to cope,” he says, “and that is what ‘Size Matters’ is first and foremost; A Comedy.  But it deals with issues that will hopefully start an important conversation”.
That conversation of love, family and acceptance is one resonates with everyone, no matter their size.

This autobiographical 15 character one-man show is taking the stage at the Franklin Theatre May 1st and 2nd.

Tickets are still available at the Franklin Theatre box office.

Discounted tickets are also available for teen and youth groups.
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