Fairview League Wins World Series Championships

Tn Dixie Darlings
photo from Tennessee Dixie Darlings Facebook

Congratulations to Fairview All Stars on winning the 2021 Arnold E. King Dixie Darlings World Series Championships by defeating Hartsville, South Carolina 7-4.

Winning the World Series brings special meaning to Fairview.

The team is coached by David Baker, Dray Moultrie Head coach, Matthew Adkison, and Josh Cook.

Path to World Series

World Series path starts with a district tournament (Waverly, TN ) and then TN State Tournament (Henderson, TN ). The World Series consisted of all Dixie Youth Darlings State Champions and the host team from Prince George, Virginia.

Coach Baker stated, “The All-Stars Tournament play Fairview went 15-1 overall. They outscored our opponents in District 111-3 and outscored our opponents in State 98-28 and finished the tourney by outscoring our World Series opponents 75-23 en route to Fairview’s first-ever Dixie World Series Title in Baseball or Softball.”
How will the team celebrate the win? “We are going to celebrate this one for Fairview. It’s been a long time coming and we finally got it done. This World Series Championship is dedicated to Mr. Arnold King and his lifelong commitment to youth sports in Fairview. We wanted to get this one for Arnold!  There are plans for a full parade and celebration at our Fairview ballpark including Honoring the girls at one of our school functions,” stated Coach Baker.

Arnold King, a Fairview native, created the Dixie Youth Darlings softball division back in 2005, adding the U8 division which the Fairview All-Stars competes in the Dixie Youth Darling Division. King was also instrumental in bringing youth sports to Fairview and served as a board member.

Jamie Dye Baker said, “He (King) has waited a long time to have a World Series team from his home town and it was especially special to him to have it be a Darlings (U8) team. Then to be there to watch them win it all…..he said it was. Dream come true.”

When asked about the secret to having a winning team, Baker didn’t hesitate in saying, “Our Secret is the Girls. We have a special group here in Fairview. It’s very rare to have a collection of talented girls all in one small town. Fairview is a tight family community and the support is overwhelming from all the local business, family, and friends.”

Congrats to the team which consist of all eight-year-olds Journee Adkison #15, Olivia Cool #33, Allura Luke #12, Jordan Phillips#24, Bryleigh Lancaster-Sheffield #00, Scarlet Burwick #13, Isabelle Moultrie #34, Collyns Baker #22, Kansas Brison #10, Rosa May Glass #05, Gracie Owen #11 and Presley Pope #16

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