Fairview and Page Learn to Lead in a Technical World

From WCS inFocus

The 40th Tennessee Technology Student Association (TSA) Annual State Conference provided the perfect opportunity for students from Fairview Middle, Fairview High and Page High to shine.

In addition to the various awards won by WCS students during competitions, two students were elected to the Tennessee TSA State Office. Page High’s Keith Stubblebine was elected as the 2018-19 State Secretary, and Fairview High’s Alexis Miniat was elected 2018-19 State Vice President.

Fairview High student Elizabeth Bulay was also approved to run for National Office at the National TSA Conference in June.

The TSA is a student organization for young men and women who are interested in areas related to science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). The TSA State Conference gives students the chance to participate in technology-related competitions with other students from across Tennessee and attend leadership development sessions.

The conference took place on April 11-14 in Chattanooga, and the broad range of topics allowed WCS students to show their expertise, whether it was in video games, fashion or biotechnology.

Congratulations to the following students on their performance at the state conference:

Fairview Middle

  • 2nd – Construction Challenge – Elise McKinney, Janah Rae Eads, Dayton Dixon and Skylar Reinfelder
  • 2nd – Promotional Marketing – Adam LeMay
  • 2nd – Structural Engineering – Brandon Taylor and Braxton Maige
  • 2nd – Mass Production – Adam LeMay, Bobby Debaecke, Luke McPherson, Brady Bateman
  • 3rd – STEM Animation – Elise McKinney, Janah Rae Eads and Bennett Bateman
  • 3rd – Inventions and Innovations – Connor Farris, Dayton Dixon and Zach Cooper
  • 3rd – Challenging Technology Issues – Connor Farris
  • 3rd – Prepared Speech – Connor Farris

Fairview High

  • 3rd – Fashion Design – Elizabeth Bulay, Alexis Miniat, Isabel Chris and Dylan Guardo

Page High

  • 1st – Architectural Design – Justin Baker, Rian Gober and Josh Price
  • 1st – Dragster Design – Elijah Tidwell, Nicklaus Campbell and Ethan Weinstein
  • 1st – Prepared Presentation – Nathan Davis
  • 2nd – Biotechnology Design – Keith Stubblebine, Aman Gupta Pokal, Christine Hill and Gabriel Laboy
  • 2nd – Promotional Design – Katie Weaver
  • 3rd – Coding – Natalie Harris, Jacob Phillips, Aman Gupta Pokal
  • 3rd – Extemporaneous Speech – Keith Stubblebine
  • 3rd – STEM Careers – Lilly Roberts
  • 3rd – Video Game Design – Natalie Harris, Nathan Davis, Gabriel Laboy and Jacob Phillips