It’s a long-awaited change for Facebook that comes after years of people saying they wanted to be able to do more than just show approval at the click of a button.

The need for people to be able to easily share a wider range of emotions has become evident as an ever-greater variety of information is shared on Facebook, whether that be around horrors like the Paris terror attacks, or more intimate moments like the birth of a new baby.

The other animated buttons in the set of five new “Reactions” — “Sad” and “Angry” — are sure to get plenty of use during the ongoing election cycle, but are also handy for plenty of other posts where a “Like” just doesn’t feel right.

Facebook took the decision to expand its palette of emotions beyond the Like button very seriously. The cheery blue thumbs-up sign has become synonymous with the social media site in the seven years since it was first introduced.

Play around with the new emoji’s on our facebook page right here.

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