Facebook Check-ins Provide Books of Hope to Children Around the World

By Heather Listhartke

The Village Church in Nolensville began their next check-in partnership with OneHope. For every three check-ins, a child is provided with a book of hope. The organization, whose goal is to spread God’s word to every child, creates books that tell the story of Christ. Their name reflects their belief that Christ is the one and only hope for eternity, and that having knowledge of the gospel transforms lives. They work in collaboration with churches and other ministries in partnership with local governments, schools, and other groups in order to reach children all over the world.

onehope-2Currently, they have provided books to more than a billion young children and teens in over 179 countries through 315 programs and in 157 languages. Just this year, they plan to reach 101 million children. These books tell the story of the gospel and have been developed with leaders and educators through research in order to create a ministry that engages young people with Scripture. They also have a downloadable devotional, a Bible App for kids, and trading cards.

The organization began under the name Book of Hope in 1987, with the first distribution in El Salvador. In the 90s, they continued to spread the message through the books in the Soviet Union, Brazil, and India. They also partner with Hobby Lobby and the Green Family as well as reached their 50 millionth child. In the early 2000s, they continued to distribute their books as well as launched the film The GodMan in 2005. The film tells the story of the gospel and has been distributed to 73 countries in more than 75 languages. In 2007, they launched research that looks at the spiritual state of children in order to better reach them.

In 2009, the organization officially changed their name to OneHope, and 2010 they launched the first Book of Hope distribution of China as well as a new plan of action called Vision 2030. The idea is to distribute the gospel to every person in the world by 2030. At that point, once they have reached everyone, they plan to start hoping to reach every new generation.

To help, check-in at The Village. You can also visit OneHope’s Facebook and their website for more information on the organization, the impact they are making, and how to help them achieve their goals.

If you are interested in attending The Village Nashville, they host services at 9 am and 11 am Sunday mornings at Sunset Middle School in the Nolensville/Lenox Village area. You can also get to know them and some of the ministries they help with at their Coffee, Candles, and Carols event held at Lenox Village Town Center Sunday, December 18th at 5pm.