Five & Two Pictures needs extras for an upcoming film shooting in Franklin and Nashville. David Christiano, Director and Producer of “A Matter of Faith,” is looking for 12-18 high school age female extras to participate in the shooting of his latest movie about a high school girls cross country team.  See the list below for the three opportunities  to be a part of an upcoming Christian film about a  girls cross country team.

Saturday,  July 25 – filming 3 classroom scenes at Franklin Christian Academy. A girl can be in 1 scene, 2 scenes, or all 3 for the day. The company needs to know availability first before placing extras. This is a junior English class.

Thursday, August 6th – filming 2 hallway scenes on the morning of Thursday at Franklin Christian Academy. This will take just a few hours at best to shoot.

Edwin Warner Park Scene- filming one scene at Edwin Warner Park which shows a group of girls jogging. Ten runners are already booked but the production company needs about 10 more. Girls would have to jog maybe a quarter mile or so in the scene. They would dress in shorts and a generic t-shirt. These are girls going out for the cross country team in the story. This is for 2 shots and one scene. Since this is a ways from Franklin, parents could bring their
daughters and most likely wait around since it should not take more than an hour or so to do this particular sequence. All runners must be Caucasian for this scene.

Extras for this movie are unpaid roles but those who participate  will receive  a DVD from one of the previous projects completed by  Five & Two Pictures.  Contact David Christiano at if interested in becoming an extra.

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