Extra Points: 3 Things We Learned in Week 3

Photo by: Bill Dorsten

As part of our continuing coverage of High School Football in these parts, here is the first of this week’s extra points segments. 

(Above photo by Bill Dorsten)

1. Question answered: Raiders are real deal

Last week I asked in this segment and in the preview show “are the Raiders for real?” They had won their first three games since 2009 but the last two wins had been less than convincing.

On the road at White House Heritage, Spring Hill gave us that answer.

They left no doubt on Friday that they are ready to go toe-to-toe with just about anybody in their division, as they smoked WHH 41-7.

It was another monster game from Malcolm Nicholson who found the end zone three times. His second three-score game in a row.

Spring Hill did a variety of things on offense and it all seemed to work. Including putting wide receivers in the gun for the wildcat formation. One which, went over 50 yards for a Raider touchdown.

They will play tougher opponents that what they have seen so far. The Marshall County team they host on Friday and especially when CPA comes to town, just to name a couple.

With that said, all that is important is that Spring Hill is 4-0.

Most knew Tom Turchetta would have this football program turned around at some point. I don’t think many knew it would be this soon.

You can see highlights of Friday’s game on our Sports Source Highlight show HERE.

2. No drop off for Indy

After graduating three players that are now suiting up on Saturday’s in the South Eastern Conference, it was expected that Independence would have a minor setback after their 9-win season last year.

That isn’t happening.

First of all, Andrew Bunch looks even better. While that may have been expected., what may not have been by anyone, other than Scott Blade, was how impressive Nate Johnson and Seth Huner have been at the receiver position.

Let’s not forget one of the speediest backs in the state, Dom Childress, who is averaging an astounding 9.8 yards per carry. All of these weapons have, as a whole, averaged nearly 43 points per game.

Not only is their no drop-off but depending on what happens Friday, we might be saying this year’s team is better than 2013’s.

3. Ravenwood defense is underrated.

When an offense is averaging over 44 points per game and is full of D1 prospects, sometimes it’s easy to overlook how well the defense is playing.

Having seen the Raptors defense for the first time in person last Friday evening, I was left wondering how teams were going to score against them.

LaVergne had offensive weapons, especially with their ground game. Yet, Ravenwood gave the Wolverines zero chances to score.

As a matter of fact, LaVergne never even got within field goal range. It was as dominating of a performance as it can get from a defense.

The starting D for Ravenwood has given up just seven points all season. As a whole, they have given up just 21 in three games.

If that’s not painting the picture for you, how about the fact that the Ravenwood starting defense has scored more points than they have given up.

They will be tested big time on Friday when they face Independence’s powerful offense.

What a matchup that will be at 1776 Declaration Way. Friday can’t come soon enough.