Exploring Westhaven Golf Club’s 160-Bottle Bourbon Collection

Blade and Bow Bourbon

While you know Westhaven Golf Club serves up some of the area’s most delicious, locally grown and raised food, you might not know that the Club is also home to one of the most diverse bourbon collections in Williamson County!

Chip Bradley, Director of Food & Beverage, keeps a steady rotation of rare, hard-to-find bourbons on hand for high-proof aficionados and new bourbon drinkers alike. Currently, the Club offers approximately 160 different bourbons for members and their guests.

“My goal is to offer our membership the absolute best bourbon that we can possibly source at a value they can’t get anywhere else,” says Bradley. “I enjoy the hunt of finding really great, rare, hard-to-get bourbons. It’s always exciting to find bourbons that are difficult to come by or highly allocated. I also enjoy introducing members to good bourbons that most people don’t know about yet.”

Some of the highlights of Westhaven Golf Club’s current stock include:

  • Weller Full Proof
  • Weller Single Barrel
  • William Larue Weller
  • Pappy Van Winkle 10, 12, and 15 Year
  • George T. Stagg
  • Blade and Bow 22 Year

“Blade and Bow is one of my favorites right now,” says Chip. “It’s an amazing bottle of bourbon only sold on premise. You really won’t see it in a retail store at all.”

Not sure what kind of bourbon you’ll like? For Chip, spending time with members to help them discover their preferences and tastes is extremely fulfilling. “I spend a lot of time with members who are new to bourbon and want to learn, as well as with members who know a lot about bourbon and want to learn more,” he explains.

“For beginners, I’ll start them off with a wheated bourbon that’s not as strong a proof. My go-to bourbon is around 100 proof or so. Many distilleries are starting to finish their bourbons in other barrels, such as those used for port wine, madeira or cabernet. These can be much smoother and easier to drink than some of the higher proof bourbons or ryes. With Basil Hayden Dark Rye, for example, you get a whiskey that’s finished in port wine barrels.”

Join Westhaven Golf Club and enjoy both delicious food and rare bourbons. Members also have the opportunity to participate in allocated bourbon tastings throughout the year. Learn more about Westhaven Golf Club at golfwesthaven.com. Westhaven Golf Club is located at 4000 Golf Club Lane | Franklin, Tennessee 37064.