Zealyn with Andreas Moss and Savannah Sgro
The High Watt
Tue, May 28 8:00 pm

Zealyn: It’s rare in music for any artist to enjoy extensive critical or commercial success. It’s rarer still for that artist to enjoy them both, and simultaneously. For such acclaim to be garnered by an emerging artist is almost unheard of, but for Los Angeles-based alternative/electronic singer-songwriter Zealyn, it’s simply reality. Billboard Magazine hails her songwriting as “poetic.” Nylon calls her musicianship “empowering.” The Autumn Roses writes that Zealyn’s music is “fluid and smart, relentlessly tuneful and electrified by an easy cool.” This rousing critical praise for the 24-year-old artist’s 2016 debut EP, Limbic System, was quickly met by an equal measure of commercial success with the EP rapidly cracking the Top 40 on iTunes’ Alternative Charts. Produced by Aaron Marsh (lead singer of famed indie-rock band Copeland), Limbic System surprised critics and music lovers alike with its innovative melding of electronic and pop elements, and most importantly, Zealyn’s craft as a lyricist. Her voice, both instantly recognizable yet distinctly unique, was praised by the tastemakers at The Daily Listening as one “made of gold.” Andreas Moss: Andreas Moss is a Swedish-born, Nashville-bred, and Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter. Not too long ago, he released his self-titled 7-track debut EP featuring Yachtmoney and Melanie Pfirrman. Moss (Jonathan Thulin) has amassed Dove Awards, number-one records, and headlined tours as a Christian recording artist before making the transition to pop music in recent years. After struggling with the acceptance of his sexuality within the church, the sexually fluid singer decided to go his own way. And now, he’s unveiling what he has discovered on his debut project.-Zangba Thomson Savannah Sgro: Born and raised in Las Vegas, 22-year-old is a heartfelt lyricist and a multitalented musician.   

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