Steven Dunn, Bill Eberle, Corey Leiter, Natalie Royal
The Basement
Mon, May 22 9:00 pm

Steve Dunn, a singer/songwriter from Connecticut has a style described as a combination of rock/pop/contemporary with a twist, combining acoustic and electric pop with country/rock influences for a refreshing style and sound. Dunn creates compelling solid music with a pop/rock/country vibe that is sure to connect with anyone and everyone. It is impossible to escape history. It informs the way that we view the world. It also informs the way we hear the world. In a country like America, with such a troubled past, there is plenty to listen to. This is not lost on Bill Eberle. Unable to stay in one place, he takes in all of the tradition that he can find, releasing it back into the world through his own lens.  Nashville based, 23-year-old singer-songwriter Corey Leiter is fascinated by the power of a song. Especially the feeling of raw emotion behind a guitar lick or melody, or the way a lyric can make you rethink. Corey recognizes this and is constantly exploring its possibilities.  Some albums spring to life in short order while others take months or even years to gestate, mature and prepare to be birthed into the world. This sophomore release from Nashville thrush Natalie Royal took both paths.
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Cornelia Fort Airpark
Sat, Sep 23 6:00 pm
The Listening Room Cafe
Sat, Sep 23 6:00 pm
The Bluebird Cafe
Sat, Sep 23 6:30 pm
Grand Ole Opry House
Sat, Sep 23 7:00 pm
Starr Ranch
Sat, Sep 23 7:00 pm
Ryman Auditorium
Sat, Sep 23 8:00 pm
The Listening Room Cafe
Sat, Sep 23 8:30 pm
Soulshine Pizza
Sat, Sep 23 9:00 pm