Scott Mulvahill with Stephen Day
3rd and Lindsley
Sat, Jan 12 8:00 pm

Scott Mulvahill: As a teenager, Scott picked up the bass guitar on a whim. Natural talent and the lure of a challenge drove him to be the best musician he could and discover his love for singing, songwriting, and the upright bass. With the encouragement of his teacher, he went on to study music in college. Scott moved to Nashville after school, and he would meet American music icon Ricky Skaggs and join his Grammy-winning band, Kentucky Thunder. He toured with Ricky for five years, and in that time, first started writing songs on his upright bass. Stephen Day: When Stephen Day performs he exudes an ethos that captivates the audience to another level. The twenty-two-year-old Georgia native is clearly the middle ground product of his contemporary influences. His crooning vocals matched with his eccentric stage presence bring you to a place where you’ll find the perfect combination of John Mayer and Allen Stone come to life. Noisetrade has even proclaimed, “Stephen Day is an artist that comes along once every decade.” The soulful singer-songwriter is best described as the New Retro.

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