Pflip Your Own Pfunky Pflapjacks
The Pfunky Griddle

The tables double as griddles in this super fun, make-your-own-breakfast joint that feels like grandma’s house. Great for families! Bring the little ones, just make sure their clothes are easily washable (there just might be some flying batter). A great meal to make would be a Wheat/white batter pancake with toppings galore (peanut butter, marshmallows, bananas, m&ms, etc.). For the expert flipper, try making your own potato cake! Berry Hill/Melrose is an up-and-comng neighborhood that’s being constantly transformed. New places are springing up all the time, but the local flavor is a mainstay. Filled with dives, quirky retail, & quality coffee (among other things), Berry Hill/Melrose is the place to make memories, and always brings out a diverse crowd!

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