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Williamson County, TN
Monday, October 23, 2017
Neil Cowley Trio
City Winery
Sun, Jun 25 8:00 pm

There's no way around it: Neil Cowley is quite a big deal. A big and dizzyingly versatile deal. As his Twitter bio declares, he is the most listened-to pianist on the planet. Tinkling the ivories for Adele will do that for you. He's also a key collaborator with Speech Debelle. And already this year he’s co-produced and played on (along with Trio bandmate Evan Jenkins) the underrated How The City Sings by Sam Carter. In what must now seem to him to be a previous life, he played keys with Brand New Heavies and Zero 7, prior to releasing two albums as Fragile State. He has, as they say, been around a bit. And yet, the thing that makes Neil Cowley not just the most-listened to, but in my view one of the greatest pianists on the planet, is the band showcased on this, the sixth album from the Neil Cowley Trio. Evan Jenkins (drums), Rex Horan (bass) who make up the band along with, on this album with sometime collaborator Leo Abrahams (guitar, FX). The other members of the trio, who have storied and diverse careers in their own right add so much to the alternately lyrical and bombastic compositions which flow from Cowley’s remarkably fertile compositional brain. They do it with such synergy and nuance, that listening to Spacebound Apes, it feels like rather than a trio, what we’re actually listening to is a coherent whole, totally together and at one with itself.

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