Johnny Campbell
Soulshine Pizza Factory
Fri, Jun 23 7:00 pm

“Bluegrass music, in general, draws to an older crowd of folks but I think that’s changing,” Johnny explains. “I find that the rising generation of bluegrass musicians haven’t studied the forefathers, but rather the modern bluegrass bands that have already evolved; hence, they’ve disconnected from the source.We try to market to both older and younger (generations) in that we continue performing the more traditional tunes that put ‘bluegrass’ on the map, along with original music and new arrangements of the such.”     Their diverse approach to the set list appeals to everyone from Baby Boomers to Millennials, surprising each end of the spectrum with a love for the unfamiliar and impressing new fans with their deep-rooted knowledge of this time-honored style. Interspersed with the classics are Johnny Campbell and The Bluegrass Drifters originals, resulting in an entertaining, high energy performance that fills the unexpecting audience with a rush of adrenaline. 

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