Have Breakfast With Basically Everyone In Nashville
The Frothy Monkey

Friendly, crowded, & communal! The French Toast (the breading is actually made from a baguette) & the Frothy Monkey breakfast are the local favorites here. This coffee shop is a hipster haven, but for every twenty-something hipster there’s a really precious, only slightly hip family. A good mix of all kinds of Nashvillians, and this place is so packed (but quick), that it feels like you’re having breakfast with the whole town. 12 South is a friendly hipster’s paradise. You’ll hear musician dudes talking gear, see Etsy store owners taking photos for their blog, and pass semi-famous people pushing their baby in a stroller whilst enjoying a popsicle. Everyone is pretty much smiling all the time.

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Thu, Apr 25 7:00 pm
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Fri, Apr 26 12:00 pm
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