Enjoy A Bread Basket & A Black & White Film

That no-nonsense European succinctness lends an authentic air to this market/deli. Not a sit-down place, but a really exotic way to do your grocery shopping! It's an alternative to your weekly Kroger trip. And you can bring along your culinarily adventurous friend! Make sure to try the Quinoa Falafel Wrap, and some Habanero Fries. The Belmont/Hillsboro area is always buzzing with activity. Whether it’s a group of college students or a huge extended family visiting from out of town, this is the visitor-friendly area that the locals still love. You can walk around & find just about anything, from shopping to independent film to ridiculously delicious food.

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Dyer Oberservatory
Sat, Sep 21 7:00 pm
Kings Bowl
Sat, Sep 21 7:00 pm
Puckett's Grocery & Restaurant
Sat, Sep 21 7:30 pm
The Listening Room Cafe
Sat, Sep 21 8:30 pm
Puckett's Grocery & Restaurant - Franklin
Sat, Sep 21 8:30 pm
The Pond
Sat, Sep 21 9:30 pm
Hank's Honky Tonk
Sun, Sep 22 5:00 pm
Schermerhorn Symphony Center
Sun, Sep 22 7:30 pm