Bald Kernal At The Pond
The Pond
Fri, Sep 20 9:30 pm

A few friends decided late in 2016 to start up a band for fun after many years out of the music scene. Members have been in various bands throughout their lives ranging from Country to Pop Rock and currently as members of a local church's praise band. With the inclusion of a Drummer and Lead Guitar, Bald Kernal finally found it's groove and has started to mature and solidify its sound.  From the beginning, Bald Kernal has focused on tight three-part harmonies and solid instrument play. Bald Kernal also has been more interested in the music less played in the clubs. With this approach, Bald Kernal could be considered a bit of a "B" side band, but in reality, it is the music we all grew up listening to and want to hear more of. The genre of music Bald Kernal plays spans through Blues, Country, Pop, Rock, Classic Rock, Americana, and Motown.

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