Art History Course: Rome, From Foundation to Constantine
Frist Center for the Visual Arts
Tue, May 15 6:00 pm

These classes will provide an overview of the history of the city and its growth from the 8th century BCE to the 4th century CE. Particular emphasis will be given to the ascendancy of Rome—first to its role as the principal city of Italy, and then to its establishment as the principal city of the Mediterranean and Western European world. We will explore the manner in which Romans, through their built environment, aggrandized their image and their concept of empire and passed on to other cities of the empire architectural and artistic legacies. Class 3 will examine the zenith and decline of the Roman Empire. The reigns of Hadrian and his successors through Constantine provide the background to the dramatic changes in government that led to Constantine’s decision in the 4th century CE to found a new Rome at the site of Byzantium, in the east.

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